Published Papers

About the Reys

Ashmore, A. M. "Margret Before Rey: The Life and Early Career of Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein, 1925-1935," Journal of Historical Biography 14 (Autumn 2013), pp. 73-101.

Ashmore, A. M. "Hans Rey: The Man Who Illustrated the Heavens"  Sky and Telescope 126 (4) October 2013, pp. 72-76.

Ashmore, A. M. “From Elizabite to Spotty: The Reys, Race and Consciousness Raising,” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 35 (4) Winter 2010, pp.357-372.

Ruffin, E., & Ashmore, A. M. “Curious about Them? Reliving the Magnificent 
Margret and H. A. Rey,” Children & Libraries 8 (3) Winter 2010, pp. 43-46.

Other Children's Literature Articles

Ashmore, A. M. “Enriching the Lives of Children, The Ezra Jack Keats Award,” Book Links 18 (6) July 2009. pp. 43-46.

Ashmore, A. M. "Reflection on the Black Experience in Children's Literature," Mississippi Libraries 66 (2) Summer 2002. pp. 44-45.

Publications for Children

Ashmore, A. M. “Bubbles” Babybug 20 (4) April 2014, n. p.

Ashmore, A. M. “Sock It to You” poem, Ladybug Magazine, 16 (4) December 2005, pp. 24-25.

Ashmore, A. M. “It All Began with the Churches,” Footsteps Magazine, 6 (1) January/February 2004, pp. 30-34.

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